Welcome to our class! We have 10 very bright students in our 1st and 2nd grade classroom. We are having lots of fun making friends, learning new skills, and having exciting experiences together.
Some special events this year are performing at area churches, doing outreach programs, and a few other service learning projects. Special areas of study for us this year will be insects, our environment, maps, holidays, Friends, careers, My world and others, plants, and Heroes. Whew! We keep busy!
Parents are always welcome in our classroom, and encouraged to volunteer when they are able. We love parent help!


About Our Class
We want to be the hands of Jesus, and we'll look for ways we can learn more about Him and be like Him. We want to share His love with others. In our class, we practice life skills that will help us become caring, responsible citizens. We have fun mastering the basics of math, language arts, science, and social studies. We do projects and experiments. We enjoy reading, memorizing scripture, and making music. We care about each other as a class family and try to make each member feel valued and special. When we have problems, we talk them over, share ideas and solutions, and work together for a positivie outcome.
We show respect to each other and encourage one another. We want our classroom to be a welcoming place for everyone.