The Adventist Education

When it comes to learning, our multifaceted lives require a multifaceted approach, and Adventists aim to provide the complete package. Education is not only about learning for the sake of intellectual growth. Adventists believe in developing physically, empathetically, socially and spiritually, too. Ideally, education should change and cultivate every aspect of our lives, bringing us that much closer to what God originally planned for us to have and to be.

Education systems reflect the nature of the society in which they exist, we cast light on what we would take to be a ‘good’ education.

The Adventist education system reflects the heavenly “society” God intended for us. It gives us tools and resources to become wiser and healthier. It provides us opportunities to look beyond ourselves and to serve others. It connects us as friends, as partners and as a community. Most importantly, it helps us fulfill our potential of being “good” citizens, eagerly anticipating an eternity with the God who created us.

Adventist education is about teaching a whole and complete life, for a lifetime.

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